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Thu Sep 06, 2001 2:12 am

Anybody heard of this sim ? If any of you have it can you tell me if i would be better off buying this as opposed to FS 2000.
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Thu Sep 06, 2001 10:14 am

Well for the time being, don't get either.  Smile Wait for FS2002, it comes out in a little over a month. But if you're desperate to get a sim now, definatly get FS2000.
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Thu Sep 06, 2001 12:48 pm

X-plane will run on slower computers than FS-2000, and i really like the flight realism and how easy it is to desing to aircraft. The graphics aren't quite as good however, thoguh the clouds are pretty darn nice. plus you can fly space shuttle, gryo copters, harrier, tiltrotor, mars plane, and blimps. if you just want to fly cessnas or boeing or whatever go for FS2000, but if you like to design things or mess around with bizzare flying machines, x-plane is louds of fun. the new X-plane is coming out soon, ithink.
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