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Model Sizes

Sat Sep 29, 2001 2:49 pm

Hi again everyone , ok , So I got my Dragon Wings United little problem is...damn...its tiny lol. What models are the size of desktop a pretty good sized model...maybe long prosper?..I really need some help hehe
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RE: Model Sizes

Sat Sep 29, 2001 7:16 pm

Well mate, you made your first mistake by buying a Die-Cast model. Bad move.
If you want good Snap-Fit models go for Long Prosper 1/200 or the slightley smaller 1/250 scale. To give you an example of the size i'm talking about here, these are the sizes of a 1/200 B747-400 in Long Prosper:

Length: 13.5"
Wingspan: 12.5"

These measurements are based on a Cathay Pacific B747-400

But if you have the money and want a top quality model go for the Pacific Miniatures 1/100 scale.
I recentley brought a BA747-436 1/100 model and it's fantastic. I highley recomend it.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
Good luck with your model collection.
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RE: Model Sizes

Sat Sep 29, 2001 7:18 pm

Long Prosper models range an average scale eg 1.250 scale 747 is 28cm/ 12in in length. To get sizes of models put in the dimension of what you want to know the length or size of eg 747 length 70m or 260ft whatever and divide this by the scale 100/144/200/250 etc eg. 70(divided by)250=28. I really hope this helps.
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RE: Model Sizes

Sat Sep 29, 2001 7:19 pm

sorry to hear about the model!!!
Well, I collect Long Prosper models, in the scale of 1:200 and 1:250.
These models are about 30cm long, which I think are just right.
1:200 and 1:250 are fine.


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