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Sun Sep 30, 2001 6:13 pm

I was wondering where you obtain postcards to collect?

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RE: Postcards

Sun Sep 30, 2001 10:43 pm

The airlines usualy send them to you, Lufthansa has them in the front and back of each plane for people to take! I have also boughten a bunch of mine from people also.
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RE: Postcards

Mon Oct 01, 2001 12:06 am

I have a lot of post cards if you are interested, especially for trade for 1:200 snap fit models
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RE: Postcards

Sat Oct 06, 2001 5:00 pm

I am also having some postcards for trade or exchange with the same or pins,or badges.
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RE: Postcards

Sat Oct 06, 2001 6:08 pm

I buy them at Prague Airport (but considering you liuve in new zeland, that would be difficult  Smile/happy/getting dizzy), write to airlines and ask for them, and I have a few contacts who you can order form by mail.

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RE: Postcards

Mon Oct 08, 2001 3:56 am


I have postcards for trade or change:

Kenya airways:B737-200(new color)
A310-300(new color)
Croatia airlines:A319(new color)
Lithuania airlines:SAAB340
B737-300(new color)

If you interesting contact with me:


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RE: Postcards

Sun Oct 14, 2001 3:41 am

I also have several airline items available to trade for postcards. those are , safety cards, stickers, uniform pins etc... you can see scans of the items available at my web site at http://www.geocities.com/goldencorsair

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