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Sale: Herpa 1:500

Sat Oct 20, 2001 10:44 pm

Hi all,

On this moment I have the following Herpa 1:500 scale models for sale.

Gulf air A340-300 with a broken nosewheel (can simply fixed) price $10.95
Gulf air B767-300 $24,95
Delta MD11 $8.95
Air Mauritius $11.50
SAA B747-400 $9.50
TNT Avro 146 $6.50
Swissair A319-1 $9.95
SAS B767-3 $9.50
KLM Asia B747 $11.95
LOT B737-300 $9.95
Finnair Santa $16.95
Qantas B747-400 $12.50
CityBird A300 $9.95
Edelweiss MD83 $9.95
ANK A320-2 $29.95
Sabena Avro 146 $14.95
Hamburg International B737-7 $6.95
Lufthansa B747-400 Berlin exclusiv with hangar $29.95
BA B747-2 Sweden exclusiv with hangar $29.95
Lufthansa B747-2 Cargo Clocks $10,95
Lufthansa A300-600 $9,95
Lanchile B767-3 $8.95
Western pacific Simpsons $5.95
SAS MD81 $5.50
Austrian A321 $6.95
TEA B737-3 $27.50
TEA B737-7 $9.95
American B737-8 $7.95
Crossair McPlane $14.95

I send the list to everyone who asked so i'm not sure of the models you eventual will have are available, but this is the situation on this moment okt. 20

If you are interested in buying one or more models please send me an e-mail, my email address is:


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