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FS 2000 Vs. Aerowinx Precision Simulator

Mon Nov 05, 2001 9:29 pm

Well, I guess everybody here knows the Flight Simulator in one version or another. Nice, but still more like a computer game than anything else.
There is a small software house called Aerowinx. They sell a flight simulator for B744, nothing else. Looks rather professional, postings on their websites forum indicate that even pilots do like it.
As their own forum might be somewhat biased, my question to you out there (especially pilots):
Do you know it and if yes, what do you think?

PS: For those who do not know it, here is the website

PPS: I do not have any investment in Aerowinx nor do I know the people who own the company, therefore I do not get paid to post this!!
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RE: FS 2000 Vs. Aerowinx Precision Simulator

Mon Nov 05, 2001 10:28 pm

The PSI747-400 they have is awesome. Almost like the real thing, full instruments everything. Only thing is the visuals are pretty laid back.
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RE: FS 2000 Vs. Aerowinx Precision Simulator

Mon Nov 05, 2001 11:02 pm

Actually, there's a program outthere that can take FS2K scenery and add it to the PSI747-400 program!
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RE: FS 2000 Vs. Aerowinx Precision Simulator

Tue Nov 06, 2001 11:28 pm

Hi Andreas,

I am what is called a PS1 pilot so I am a little biased but …

The Aerowinx Precision Simulator (PS1) is not exactly a flight simulator (like the Microsoft flight simulator) but its more a flight trainer.
Only if you want to learn how to operate the B744, this is (and nothing else) the simulator you are looking for.
If you are interest in scenery outside the cockpit, this is NOT what you are looking for (although if you have 2 computers and you can connect them, you can run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 on a second computer and have the scenery). I guess you visited the entire Aerowinx web site so you know what is implemented and how it looks like.

Its almost the same thing to prepare the real aircraft for a flight (from the pilots point of view) and the simulator cockpit.
You can work almost an hour before you take off!
More than that, since its very precise simulator, it will take you some time to learn how to fly it (and I’m not talking about a few days), so if you are not MAD about the B744 (like me and others in the Aerowinx forum) you may find yourself frustrated very quickly and disappointment, so think very carefully about it (I thought 3 months about it).

But, after you will learn to fly it, you can go and fly a real full motion simulator (the same one that a real pilots are training on) without any problems. Personally I didn’t do it, yet, but others did (although after the Sep 11th I don’t know if it possible to do it any more).
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