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Msfs Realism

Sat Nov 10, 2001 4:08 pm

Just how realistic is FS98? i must say that some parts of the scenery etc IS Realistic.

But how realisitc are the flight models of the aircraft?

I eman i have just been practising circuits (complete T/O and Ldg) with an Air India 747-400. The aircraft manages to take off and land from the barely 4000 feet runway at Merril C Meiggs airfield that too with over 40% fuel load! Surely a real aircraft cant do that!

Also an IC A300 that i fly regularly lands at about 110 knots! Surely this isnt true in the REAL FS?

SO how realistic is FS? Does anyone have any aircraft with REALISTIC Flight models? Perhaps a pilot could shed more light on this?
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RE: Msfs Realism

Sat Nov 10, 2001 4:44 pm


I have been playing MSFS for many years. When it comes to flight dynamics I believe FS98 is the best as long as the flight dynamics are properly tuned. I have flown some incredibly realistic planes in FS98. FS2000 was a major step back for flight dynamics in my opinion. Some are pretty good but not as good as what was found in FS98. As of right now I am not all the impressed with the flight modeling in FS2002 but we are in the very early stages. I think that will change when the FDE artist figure the new platform out. Some FDE masters like Steve Small have said that Microsoft added some new effects to the flight modeling but it looks like MS got it wrong. It might be possible to tune the flight dynamics around it but not totally sure at this time. Time will tell. As for the other sims before FS98 they were all pretty much 2D and not very much for the FDE wizzards to work with.


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