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Question Re: Safetycards

Sun Dec 09, 2001 9:06 pm

Recently I got 2 Spanair A321 safetycards. One has on the bottom "effective 15-09-00" and the other has "effective 01-10-00".

Two questions. Firstly why is there a differnece in date as I am 90% certain they came from the same aircraft.Secondly should I swap one? Or keep both?


p.s. Also does anyone know where i can find a jpg of the AeBal (aerolineas de Baleares) logo?

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RE: Question Re: Safetycards

Sun Dec 09, 2001 10:31 pm

My guess is that there is something different between the two.
Or possibly they needed more so what they did they did a new date so they could look for the old ones and replace them.
I alwayskeep my cards unless I have an absolute duplicate.
I would suggest keeping both.
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