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Difficulty Importing New A/c Into MS FS 2002

Mon Dec 17, 2001 12:54 am

Hello all

Sorry if my question seems dumb but I am having trouple importing downloaded a/c into FS 2002. When I download them and follow all the instructions in the notes I get the option to select the a/c in the simulator but they are fully white with no detail/textures whatsoever. Have I been doing something wrong? (What I have been doing worked fine with the downloaded FS 2000 planes in FS 2000.


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RE: Difficulty Importing New A/c Into MS FS 2002

Mon Dec 17, 2001 1:20 am

mmmm, not sure what you are doing wrong, especially if you have been successful in FS2000. I presume you are unzipping the files correctly. Sometimes you need to open the files that you have unzipped as there is an extra file layer that you need to get rid of. I think some of the files that you can download are just textures and you need to already have the original model, for them to work.
I am not an expert at all so maybe someone else will help you out.

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