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FS2K2 City And Airport Scenery

Wed Dec 19, 2001 12:51 am

I'm planning on getting FS2K2 soon and I was just curious what specific airports and cities are like. I know I've seen screenshots of ORD, LAX, SFO, and SEA that are amazing. What about other major airports like ATL, JFK, DFW, DEN, MIA, DCA, EWR, BOS, LHR, CDG, FRA, HKG, or NRT.

Also how accurate are the city skylines to reality. Which cities are very accurate and which major one could use major improvements?

Thanks a lot!!!
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RE: FS2K2 City And Airport Scenery

Wed Dec 19, 2001 10:33 am

I have this program. I am a bit disappointed with all of the scenery. The ones that in my opinion are the best are SFO and ORD. I can only say because I know what they look like. I think EWR, LGA, JFK, MCO, MIA, and LAX could use a lot more detail. The most disappointing is SXM. The rest of the program is very good htough! go to flightsim.com and you oculd get better add-on scenery. Also I recommend avsim.com.

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RE: FS2K2 City And Airport Scenery

Wed Dec 19, 2001 10:57 am

Well, I think that it was a good idea that MS decided to go low on the scenery side and try to make a good sim. After all, they knew that a whole lot of scenerywould be made available soon, and so it wouldn't be worth getting into more compex sceneries (ie. major airports).
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RE: FS2K2 City And Airport Scenery

Fri Dec 21, 2001 10:21 pm

Correct. Overall, the scenery is functional if not fully accurate.
What greatly surprised me is that they now have buildings in the correct shape and size at far more airports than in FS2000.
At Schiphol for example, all the buildings are there and shaped more or less correctly. They may not be the right colour, and not perfectly shaped (the terminal areas are too skinny for example) but they are certainly quite recognisable. There are even custom models for both the old and the new control tower.
Other people say the same for airports they know well.
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