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MAN - In Fs2002

Thu Dec 27, 2001 9:13 am

This is almost the same as the problem with landing on parallel runways. However at Manchester Intl (MAN / EGCC) the new runway (06R/24L) has no taxi ways connected to it, even though there is an ILS for the runway. Does anyone know why none have been created and why this has been done?

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RE: MAN - In Fs2002

Thu Dec 27, 2001 10:11 pm

I've never seen the default MAN, although I suspect it wasn't finished on the charts or whatever microsoft used to create the scenery.

There is an excellent shareware version of Manchester within the English Airports program, where you get 5 other airports too. I really recommend this, you can get it instantly at
There is already an fs2002 version available.

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