Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Mon Dec 31, 2001 1:13 pm


Today I decided I didn't want to wait to try out my new FS2002 till I got my computer upgraded, and decided to temproarily make room for it.

So I went in and transfered all of my gauge, sound, and texture files from FS98, which were taking up 800mb on my computer, to my other hard disk, which is full of photos.  Big grin

I made enough room for a minimum install on my C drive, and began my install, which altogether I think took one hour, maybe a bit more, to accomplish. That is, the time for the initial install, and then waiting for FS to create scenery indices.

OK, now let me just say before I go on, that I did at one time operate FS2000 Pro, and was not all that impressed with it because of performance, I operated it for about two months, so I've seen the performance of FS98 compared with the performance of FS2000. And I ahve been a faithful FS98 user for 4 long years now.  Smile

OK, once install was complete, I selected to tart a flight at my home town airport of Pocatello Idaho. I wated about 2 minutes for the mesh to load, and once it was done, I was immediately impressed by the cockpit of the Boeing 737-400 I was in, not to mention the airport lighting.

I switched to day, and switched to spot plane view. Waited another 2 mintues for it to load, and afterwards, was at first disappointed at what I saw. IT looked flat. Undetailed. But then I decided to hit SLEW and get a bird's eye view, and my opinion changed completely!!

FS2K2 has modeled my home town of Pocatello NEAR PERFECTLY. Then I hit Shift Z, and found that my frame rates, even with all this detail, were at 16! That's better than I have in FS98, and I am not lying. So I decide to try an experiement. I slid the mesh detail to full, and let it load. My frame rates dropped to 14.8, not bad, not bad at all. However, lookign around took a bit longer, so I went back and slid the detail slider back to 50, and you know what, not alot of detail went away, but speed increased very nicely.

Then I went to Hawaii.

There are only three words to describe what I saw when I got to the Hawaiian Islands:

Thank You God.

I've never seen such great detail. Even without water effects on, this blows away anything that FS2000 could have ever produced, and I was still running at 15.5 FPS, and it really felt like 20 or more.

I heard a complaint that the scenery was too dark in FS2k2. Well, let me just put it this way. It's darker than FS98, true, but it is just right, no really, it is. It's only slightly darker than real life, and that's no biggie.

Also I did notice some mesh details were innacurate, for example a small cliff at Waikiki beach, which does not exist in real life, but compared with all that this sim has, does that really matter? No, not at all.

The detail is incredible, the realism incomparable, there might be a few small bugs, but when you compare all that there is in this sim, those small bugs really dont make that much of a difference, the only significant one is the wing leveler, and that is fixable anyway. I'm not annoyed by the BRAKES message. I'm not annoyed that it takes a minute or two to load the scenery, it's worth the wait.

Whoever said you can't see the airports from afar, needs to look a bit harder, you can see them, it's just that they are smoothly blended into the scenery, that is, they no longer stick out like a sore thumb. That's realism.

Also, one of the things I love most about this sim is how close to being like FS98 it is. It really is more like FS98 than FS2000, much more simple, much easier to use. The FS98 interface is familier to me, and I'm comfortable with it, and I'm so pleased MS used that same interface for this sim, it makes it that much more inviting.

So, I urge all of you to look past some of the small bugs and glitches in FS2002, they really aren't that bad or annoying when you compare it to all the detail that you have. And the smoothness. If you are patient like me loading times dont bother you. You dont need to have the sliders maxed out either. In FS2000, if you did not have the sliders at full you were sadly disappointed.

Not in FS2002. Even with the sliders at low, FS2002 completely blows away FS2000, and instead of having barren textures beneath you, a true annoyance, you have the bare textures on far off terrain. You get even within 5 miles of it and it changes to detailed texture, that means no more annoyance of having to wait for the textures to load beneath you like in FS2k.

What I'm saying here is, MS really outdid themselves on this sim. IT's not hard at all to be satisfied with the sliders on minimum, you dont sacrifice much at all. The detail is incredible, the speed is fantastic, it's even faster than FS98. So, I urge you all to try FS2002 out with this in mind, the small little bugs can be looked past. This truly is a great sim.

Aloha 737-200, scenery and aircraft developer,  Wink/being sarcastic


RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Mon Dec 31, 2001 1:16 pm

Also to comment further, this sim has proven to me that it can run, and run well, on my system. Which means all that I need upgraded, is my RAM. That's it.

Thank you FS2002, you just saved me $370.

Dont run out and upgrade your computers guys, try it first, you might just be satisfied with what you got.

Aloha 737-200  Wink/being sarcastic
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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Mon Dec 31, 2001 1:27 pm

Yeah FS2k2 is absolutely fantastic  Big thumbs up

For the terrain detail in Hawaii, Orlando Sotomayor created a replacement mesh that looks more realistic than ever, and does not have that much of an impact on the frame rates.

try it out:

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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Tue Jan 01, 2002 12:37 am

What for a system do you use?
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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Tue Jan 01, 2002 1:27 am

I just wanted to say that you are soooooooo right. I really only have one problem with FS2002 and that is that you cant go up to the alt bar and click on AUTOPILOT so then you can type everything in. Then again I realized that that is how it would be in real life. So I just want to say thanks for posting that, because I think FK2K is awesome!

Happy New Year,
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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Tue Jan 01, 2002 1:45 am

I have a Pentium 3 500 mhz
256 RAM
But, only a 8mb graphics card and the graphics on FS2002 are totally rubbish!

I am going to upgrade on wednesday to a 64mb Ge Force MX 400.

Hope that works ok!

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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Tue Jan 01, 2002 4:09 am

FS2k2 rules! I upgraded from FS98, and I am shocked! You're right, don't let idiots say like, this should be better, more realistic, ARGHHHh.. It rules! I remember Boeing757fan used to make fun of it, oh well, he's gone.
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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Tue Jan 01, 2002 4:16 am

i like it too but yesterday I flew a short 737 hop from Provo-Ogden Utah and the houses were in the air when I was on the ground. Whats up with that?
Pershoyu Spravoyu Litaki!

RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Tue Jan 01, 2002 4:13 pm

Well I also noticed a slight problem with the water texturing, but realy, compared to all that FS2k2 has to offer, that is only a small problem and easily overlooked.

Think about it, FS2002 is really an entirely new type of sim. Does anyone remember Sierra ProPilot? Never really became popular, but it was advanced for its time, and I cant help but think that FS2002 is merely a newer and better ProPilot, because it is so similar, but sooo much better.

Previous sims were pretty much 2-dimensional. Now that I am flying F2k2, I look bakc and laugh at what I considered important for my flight sims in the past, how I used to have to download nearly any airport that I wanted detail too, and it was minimal at best. FS2k2 has completely changed how I think about flight simming, it's almost completely real, sure, a few tradeoffs had to be made, but this sim, is like nothing I have ever seen, it ACTUALLY performs better with more detail settings than less, a complete turnaround from other versions.

I suggest eveyone take a good look at this sim, you have the future of flight simming, and I think FS2k2 will be for us today, what flightsim 98 was for us 4 years ago, a completely new revolution in flight simming. I plan to use this sim for a long time to come, and for the first time, I am satisfied with everything it has to offer.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to fly my last flight in FS98, then uninstall it, and install everything on the FS2k2 disks onto my computer.

If you wanted my system specs they are:

AMD 750mhz
64 mb RAM
16 mb Diamond Speedstar 3-D card
3 gb hard drive
1 gb hard drive
Windows 98

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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Tue Jan 01, 2002 5:04 pm

What is wrong with the Wing Leveler and how do you fix it?
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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Tue Jan 01, 2002 5:24 pm

It can be turned off, by adding the following lines the the aircraft.cfg file:
use_no_default_pitch = 1 // 0 = Default to current pitch mode, 1 = No default pitch mode.
use_no_default_bank = 1 // 0 = Default to Wing Leveler mode, 1 = No default bank mode.

Add these two lines to the autopilot section on the .cfg file, and wing leveler will turn off and you can turn the plane with heading off.
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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Wed Jan 02, 2002 1:09 am

Thanks for that wing leveler tip! I was wondering how to fix that.

I think FS2K is great as well - it runs fine on my system, and I only have a 300 mghz machine. I am, however, maxed out in RAM and have a 32 mb graphics card.

I have a quick question though. When I toggle to spot plane view using the S key and then change positions using the arrows, the "altitude" of my view always changes back to 0 ft. So then I have to go back into View Options and enter a new "altitude" number so I can see the plane better, i.e. the wings/flaps/spoilers etc. I think it's a bug and I have no idea how to fix it. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for your help.

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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Wed Jan 02, 2002 7:59 am

MS will bring an official patch sooner or later.

RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Wed Jan 02, 2002 12:14 pm


Well I ahve the same problem too with the view function, and I just told myself that I could do just fine with view altitude at 0, so I fly with that setting, no problem.

Well, except when the plane is above 30,000 feet, then that contrail is in your face and gets kinda annoying, having altitude above that would be nice.

Aloha 737-200!!  Wink/being sarcastic

BTW, I downloaded the environment upgrade from, I suggest you all get it it ddoes wonders for the water and the sun.
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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Wed Jan 02, 2002 12:18 pm

But what is wrong with the wing leveler????

RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Wed Jan 02, 2002 10:32 pm

The problem with the wing leveler is as soon as you engage the autopilot, the wing leveler turns on, and it will not turn off even if you try and hit the LVL button won the autopilot console. Therefore you cannot manually turn while flying on the autopilot, you must disengage to make a turn, or use slew.

There is now a fix for this problem in the form of a third party tool, it's not a large file. Download the file and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before tyring to use it.

I have the link right here:

I suggest that you all download it and use it to fix this problem.

Also download this file:

Follow the README in that one as well, it will completely upgrade your FS2k anvironment, and it doesn't do anything more than edit the defaults that is, it doesn't take up any more space. It also won the FLIGHTSIM DEVELOPERS AWARD so it' pretty good.

Aloha 737-200!!  Wink/being sarcastic

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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Wed Jan 02, 2002 11:10 pm

There is no problem with the wingleveler at all. There was in previous versions, where you could use the autopilot without the wingleveler (which is not possible in most real aircraft).
Maybe it is possible to decouple in some aircraft, but not in most in reality and Microsoft finally fixed that...
I wish I were flying

RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Thu Jan 03, 2002 11:12 am

Are you sure about that, because you woudl think that an airline pilot would be able to turn the plane with teh autpopilot on, what about in an emergency like a near miss, a pilot would not have time to fiddle with buttons to get the wing leveler off.

So I dunno, is that ture that real aircraft constantly have wing leveler on not allowing pilots to turn?

Aloha 737-200
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RE: Don't Let Anyone Fool You, FS2K2 Is Great.

Thu Jan 03, 2002 1:16 pm

Yes, FS2K2 is fantastic.

The only thing I'm disappointed about it, is the compatibility issues of FS2000 and older aircraft working in FS2002.

Some work perfectly
Some work with some glitches such as nighttime textures
And some don't work at all

But again its not a big issue. We'll just have to wait for planes made specifically for FS2002 which shouldn't take too long considering that the FS community is HUGE.

Knowing Microsoft, they will come out with a patch sooner a later that might even fix the compatibility issues.  Smile

Regards and happy flying.
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