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Newer/Older Dragon Wings Question...

Tue Jan 29, 2002 11:10 am

In my 1:400 scale collection, I have some of the newer A319/320/320 models (SN, SR and LH) from Dragon Wings; they look great!

When I look at pictures of these models on the websites of distributors, they appear to have a clearly more authentic look than some of the older A319/320/321 releases (including UA, NW, OS, AZ) from the same manufacturer when viewing pictures of the latter on the same sites.

Since I have never eyeballed an actual older Dragon Wings model of the A319/320/321, am I correct in thinking, based on comapring pictures of the older and newer releases from Dragon Wings, that the newer models are of an appreciably higher quality -- and also that the newer models have landing gear that is noticeably more correct in proportion?

Thanks for your help.


RE: Newer/Older Dragon Wings Question...

Tue Jan 29, 2002 11:22 am


That's correct. Dragon has released two, and sometimes more molds of a single aircraft model, as their technology and expertise has increased. Their new A340 mold, for example, is much better than the old.

The most marked improvement, however, is with the mold you mention - the A320 series. The old mold was absolutely terrible, while the new mold - although still bested by the Gemini mold - is much better.


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