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How To Add Planes For Dummies

Wed Jan 30, 2002 10:37 pm

ok everyone.
some pl are having a bit of trouble adding planes. and ppl are mocking them. i admit that i had no idead hwo to do it at first so i sasked. so im telling u all how to do it.

step one. make a new file on ur computer and call it fsplanes.
to do this open "my computer" and click on your main harddrive. normally c: then right click on the white area and go to new, folder
then a new folder will come up then type in fsplanes.

step two. download teh plane into the new folder.
went it askes u where to save it, browse to where u created the fsplanes directory.

step 3. create a new file in ur fs2002 aircraft directory.
to do this simply go to wherever u installed fs2002 and go into the aircraft folder then create a new folder just like before and call it whatever suites the plane best. like 152 or tomahawk.

step 4. putting the files where they belong. in the folder u just created, make 4 new files called sound, texture, model, and panel. put all the files into the right folder. the af ones go into the texture folder.

if there are any gauge files that come with it they go into the fs gauges directory u just copy them and paste them into the gauges folder.

any help needed then email me at

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