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ITVV. Big Disappointment

Sat Feb 23, 2002 4:18 am

Hi everyone,

I ordered the new ITVV Virgin Atlantic 747-400 video about a month ago, and I just received it yesterday.

I opened the video box, checked that the cassette was in the correct VHS format (NTSC), put it into the VCR, hit the play button... No sound. No freaking audio. I turned the TV volume up to its max, checked the TV setup, the VCR setup, tried with digital audio/video cables and connected them first to the TV, then to a stereo system, and nothing, the video has no audio. Dammit! As soon as I finish posting this topic, I'm gonna send an e-mail to ITVV explaining my problem. They gotta send me a new video. The thing is, I'm gonna have to wait another month.

By the way, I saw several parts of the video yesterday, hoping only some minutes were perhaps damaged, and the rest had sound, but no. What I can tell you, is that it really looks great. It has awesome shots, especially during the takeoff and landing phases. The Captain explains everything, and I mean everything, about the 747. Anyway, if you have my luck, you can see him, but you don't hear anything.

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