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Squawkbox FS2002

Mon Mar 11, 2002 9:19 am

I've tried flying with Squawkbox on FS2002. But how do you change ATC facilities without pausing the program and going to the SB window? Thanks.

RE: Squawkbox FS2002

Mon Mar 11, 2002 11:55 am

There is a program call HOSTSB, it allows you to start SB host inside FS2002. It is widely use and recommended by VATSIM community. It keeps the SB on the FS2002 screen.
However, it is not perfectly compatible with FS2002 to my machine as i got error message occasionally. It worths for a trial.

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RE: Squawkbox FS2002

Mon Mar 11, 2002 7:20 pm

Just tune the radio to the frequency and send a message. The controller should give you the next freq. on handoff, if not ask for it.
Except to file the flightplan and change squawk to Stby and back the SB window is not needed unless you want to update weather from the VATSIM server.
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