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Data Becker Jumbo 3.0 And FS2002; Works

Sun Apr 14, 2002 12:31 pm

Just to let anyone know if they have the same product. The Jumbo 3.0 from Data Becker, I finally, after a long time got the panels to work (the FF and EGT gauges now function). I suspect the problem was in a missing gauge, or some file that wasn't there. I simply installed all the airplanes from the CD and then tried it out, and sure enough I got the readings on the gauges. Just letting anyone who may have had the same problems know. Now I can get my moneys' worth from this product! I'll combine the POSKY 747's (Data Becker didn't do a good job with the model, and POSKY's is better) with the panels (what you really are paying for in my oppinion), and I'm set!


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