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Weather Changes In FS2002

Fri May 31, 2002 12:56 am

i had an idea, why doesnt FS come up with a system so that say whenever you fly into a cold front, it recreates it (instead of you doing it every five minutes) you can have automatic cold/warm/high/low pressure systems within a local area, and you can have automatic weather (instead of going onto the net to download it) FS does it randomly, wot do u guys and girls think???
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RE: Weather Changes In FS2002

Fri May 31, 2002 1:11 am

I'm ambivalent. I like the idea of having weather generation - particularly pressure, cieling, visability, and wind changes as in previous versions of FS.

However, I think that having FS "recreate" the exact phenomena encountered when flying into a cold/warm front is a bit beyond the scope of any flight simulator, especially one intended for recreation.

I think Microsoft may have "created a monster" with the phrase, "as real as it gets." Being a simulator, and a recreationally oriented one at that, there is no way possible for that statement to be true. Yet, the customers seem to expect it.

If you want realism, go take a flying lesson. FS will never be a substitute for the real thing.


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