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Looking For This Safety Cards. Please Help!

Tue Aug 06, 2002 1:48 am

Hi fellows,

Here is a list of the 747SP cards I still need.

Do you have such a card in your collection or your trade list??  Wink/being sarcastic

I’m willing to trade cards from my collection or trade list for them. Or I’ll make you a very good offer.

Just drop me a line!



-American 747SP (maybe only 747 titles on the top!!)
-Braniff B747SP (trifolder)
-China Airlines (trifolder 1979)
-Continental Wings des Comores 747SP
-Global Air 747SP
-Qantas B747SP (different folder!)
-Qatar Government 747SP
-SAUDIA 747SP (‘85) only 747SP titles
-Saudi Government 747SP (“new style!”)
-United Airlines 747SP (folder ‘85)
-Iran Air 747SP folder (after the revolution!)
-Iran Air 747SP folder (before the revolution!)
-SAA South African Airways 747SP folder without logo and titles
-SAA South African Airways 747SP single card (Comair S. A. style !)
-Tajik Air 747SP (United style)

Maybe they existed!:

Air Malawi 747SP

Australia Asia B747SP

Iraqi Airways 747SP
Kazhakstan B747SP

Trek B747SP

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