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Simbuilds A-340-500,600

Fri Aug 09, 2002 9:30 am

Ok I have heard all about these fantastic interior views. However when I renamed the files the view is of a cutaway fuselage. ?. Is this IT? It cant be.
Maybe I did something wrong. IF anyone can give me some advice that would be much appreciated.
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RE: Simbuilds A-340-500,600

Sat Aug 10, 2002 2:53 am

Well the interior views works fine for me (it's just 1 section of the fuselage , depending on which cfg file you use), but the exterior view can't get me the whole textures to show up : i only see either one side of the fuselage, or some parts of the fuselage, or the fuselage but not the's annoying ...

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