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FS2002 Scenery Download Problem

Sat Aug 10, 2002 11:44 am

Well to start off I'm pretty much a newbie in downloading FS a/c, Scenery, etc. and yes I need some help on a couple downloads I got.

I downloaded the MNL and Iloilo Airport (Philippines) airport scenery. THe problem is that:
1. The ground is well blank (ie its enirely white, the only thing could see is the runway and taxiway lights: MNL's ground is entirely blank while Iloilo Airport's ground, runway, etc is still there but the scenry surrounding the airport is white and blank).

2. When I downloaded the terminals, hangars, etc. the buildings pretty much mix in with the original FS scenery/buildings and I'm wondering on how can I remove the orginal buildings.

Sorry if its a little confusing. Thanks in advance!
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