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To Those Who Read The Hideous "roots Of Flightsim"

Thu Aug 29, 2002 3:53 pm

Dear those who read my last hideous post "the roots of MS Flightsim"..

There was a terrible mistake when I posted this thread. I posted a few weeks ago trying to post a photograph of a flightsim box with a picture of the Wright Bros. plane on it and it read "Flightsim 1903." It was supposed to be a parody to flightsim..I thought some of you flightsimmers would enjoy it. Unfortunately, the link I posted turned out to be bad...heres what happened:

A friend of mine sent me a link to the photograph described above. He got it from the site "somethingawful.com," which is apparently one of those sites that have a bunch of funny photos, similar to "digitalaughter.com." However, like many funny photo sites, it had pretty gross photos too. When my friend sent me the link for the first time, I clicked it, and saw that funny flightsim photo. A few hours later I came online and asked him to send me that link again, since I didn't save it. He said when he went back in his internet history to find the picture, he must have copied the wrong link and gave that to me, because what I posted was not what I thought I posted. He said he came by that photo when he was browsing the site, and the URL went in his IE History (as links usually do), and he said he copied a "somethingawful.com" link from his history and gave it to me...but.. It was the wrong one. I had no intention of posting any gross photos, (for those who didnt see the photo, let me tell you, your lucky..)..the photo was really gross, and thats NOT what I meant to post. Please accept my apology for the mistake I made, I should have double checked that link before I sent it.

Any questions and comments are welcome, again sorry for the disturbance.


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