Value Of Timetables And Mags

Sun Oct 06, 2002 5:28 am

Do timetables and magazines from airlines like TWA, Swissair, Sabena and Valujet have (more) value now that the carriers have ceased operations? Also, how do I price or rate timetables or inflight magazines when I am trying to sell or trade them?

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RE: Value Of Timetables And Mags

Sun Oct 06, 2002 6:45 am


Josh, they are worth nothing if you can't respond to people who email you. You have emailed me three times in the past few months asking to trade, and everytime I respond I never hear from you again.


Because I would bi interested in a Valuejet magazine.
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RE: Value Of Timetables And Mags

Tue Oct 08, 2002 9:27 am

......Your items will hold some value depending on the condition and how old it is. I saw many items sold at the SFO collectible show this weekend. May items were TWA....though there is no way I can give a tally. I recommend cruising thru EBAY and check all the airlines under "Transportation"....and then read thru the Airline listings. Keep in mind,,,many things on EBAY airline wise are overpriced a bit.

The items that are bid on will give you a clue as to what people are looking for and willing to pay for an item....but then if you tried the same thing at an airliner collectible show-you may not make a dime because other dealers have the same items. ValuJet items are rare to some degree, yet some things won't sell from ValuJet.

You have to read and research your items. The next time there is an airline collectible show in your area.....MAKE it to the show and start looking.

It has show dates usually posted for the year. Bookmark the page. Prices vary quite a bit on certain airline collectible items. Many items are rare and command a great price-some are common-and require a low price.....

hope that helps,

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