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Safety Cards For Sale

Tue Oct 22, 2002 9:07 am

I have decided to go ahead with aviation photography than collecting safetys ect. (Shooting is more fun) So I have decided to sell all of my stuff to save up money for a new camera…None of the follow is for trade UNLESS you have something rare from Alaska Airlines or Northwest Airline:

Safety Cards:

Alaska Airlines 737-200 Combi
Alaska Airlines 737-200 Combi With Aft Stairs
Alaska Airlines 737-400
Alaska Airlines MD-80
American Airlines 757 (in poor condition)
Northwest Airlines 747-400
Northwest Airlines DC-10
Northwest Airlines 757-200
Northwest Airlines A320
Northwest Airlines DC-9 Series 30/40/50
Northwest Airlinks SF-340
TWA DC9-80 international
TWA 1011-100
TWA 1001 international
TWA 747-100


Alaska Airlines (October 97- February 97)
Alaska Airlines (February 01-April 01)
Northwest Airlines (September 96)
Northwest Airlines (January 97)
Northwest Airlines (September 97-October 97)
Northwest Airlines (January 98-April 98)
Northwest Airlines (April 98-April98)
Northwest Airlines (May 98-May 98)
Northwest Airlines (June 98-September 98)
Northwest Airlines (May 2000)
Northwest Airlines (June 00-August 00)
Northwest Airlines (October 00- December00)

Ticket Holders:

Alaska Airlines
Northwest Airlines

Note: I have more than one of most of these safety cards incase you want to buy in bulk  Smile


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RE: Safety Cards For Sale

Wed Oct 23, 2002 10:48 pm

I have a new Northwest 727, would you trade it for one of your Alaska 737-200s?
Pershoyu Spravoyu Litaki!
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RE: Safety Cards For Sale

Thu Oct 24, 2002 12:32 pm

Sure Sounds good to me Sushka send me a E-mail

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