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October Trade List

Sun Oct 27, 2002 7:09 am

Hi all:

Here is my new trade list. All items are available for trade only. I also have a Boeing XXXL T-Shirt available with the blue company titles and logo. My email is:
Here goes...

Safety Cards
Airline Aircraft Quantity Date Issue Notes
Alaska Airlines
737-400 6 Mar-01 - P/N O-88M 98154
737-400 5 1995 - P/N O-88M 98154
737-700 1 Jul-01 - O-88G
America West Airlines
757 2 Mar-02 - #960599
Austrian Airlines
A330 1 Oct-99 - -
A321 1 Aug-99 - -
A320 1 Oct-99 - -
A340 1 Oct-99 - -
LTU International Airways
767 UP 1 - - -
A320 1 - - -
A330 1 - - -
Olympic Airways
A300-600 1 - - -
Thai Airways
A300 2 Feb-00 Issue 6 BKKOTTG
Dash 8-100 1 - - -
Dash 8-300 1 - - -
Dash 8-Q400 1 - - -
Canadair Jet 1 - - -
Fokker 70 1 - - -
United Airlines
777 Overwater 4 Oct-98 - CA385
727-200 1 Dec-98 - CA367
757 3 1-May-98 - CA388
- A320 1 Feb-99 - CA377
United Airlines + United Express
All 1 - - Exit Row Card, 973-2955 UCS4612

Ticket Folders
Airline Quantity Notes
Air Canada
4 Dark green and turquiois
Alaska Airlines
7 image of company 737
America West Airlines
3 green w/ company 737 image, "Viva Mexico!"
Canadian Airlines
1 Blue w/ red cheatline, white goose, and feathers
Delta Airlines
2 White w/ Wavy Gravy corperate image
1 Blue/gray
Olympic Airways
1 Green
Pan Am
2 First Class, white, fancy gold text
QANTAS Airways
1 Red w/ grain on back
1 Silver w/ stones on back
United Airlines + Shuttle by United
2 Gray stripes w/ world map
3 Blue, Gray, and White
1 Fievel the Mouse, official airline of Universal Studios

Inflight Magazines
Airline Quantity Date Title

Alaska Airlines
1 Jun-02 Inflight Magazine
America West Airlines
1 Jul-00 Inflight Magazine

Luggage Tags
Airline Quantity Notes

2 White and Orange w/ female face
Air France
2 Blue Sky w/ corperate image
2 White
Alaska Airlines
5 White
America West Airlines
5 White, "Every Flight Counts"
3 White, ""
American Airlines + American Eagle
2 White w/ cheatline
British Airways
3 Blue and Red
Continental Airlines
2 Blue
Delta Airlines
2 White and red w/ "Fly For Business"
5 White and red w/ "Fly Somewhere Fun"
Eva Air
1 Green, White, and Orange
Frontier Airlines
5 White
Great Plains Airlines
1 White
Hawaiin Airlines
5 White
2 Blue and red
LTU International Airlines
1 Red
2 White
Mesa Airlines
1 White
Midwest Express Airlines
2 Blue
National Airlines
2 Blue and White w/ company 757 image
Northwest Airlines
2 White and Red, skinny
2 White and Red, thick
QANTAS Airways
1 Red/Sand Dunes, Business Class w/ company logo
1 Blue/Coral Reef, First Class w/ company logo
2 Green/Woods w/ company logo
Swiss Airlines
2 White and Red
Southwest Airlines
3 White, "Thanks for not being a Bin Hog"
3 White w/ Company 737 image
Sun Country Airlines
1 Yellow
Trans World Airlines
2 Royal Blue
United Airlines
1 Blue
5 Sky w/ clouds and corperate logo
2 Gray
US Airways
2 White
Virgin Atlantic
1 Red, economy class
Virgin Express
1 White, company title/logo

Airline Quantity Notes

Air Atlanta Icelandic
1 Company L-1011 over glacial lake
Air Contractors
1 Company 727
Air Transat
1 Company A330-200
1 Company 757-200 ER
1 Company L1011-150
1 Company L1011-500
4 Company DC-9-30
4 Company 717-200
Australian Airlines
1 Company 767
Austrian Airlines
1 Company F70
British Airways
1 Company 757
Cyprus Airways
4 Company A319 in flight
Edelweiss Air
1 Company A320
2 Flight and Cabin Crew in front of A320
2 Company A320
2 A320 First Officer
Kenmore Air
3 Company DHC-3 turbine over downtown Seattle
1 Company DHC-2 w/ sailboat w/ mountain backdrop
1 Row of 7 company DHC-2's at the warf
LTU International Airways
2 Company A330 tail view
Maersk Air
7 Company 737-700
Monarch Airlines
2 Company A300-600
2 Company A330-200
2 Company DC-10-30
Norweigen Air Shuttle
1 Company F50
Olympic Airways
1 Company 737-400
QANTAS Airways
1 Kid leaping off dock, "The Spirit of Australia"
Singipore Airlines
1 Writing-card style, Company 747-400 in tropical colors
Sky Team
1 Company F27
1 Company F27
Southwest Airlines
24 Company 737-300 in flight
Swiss Air Lines
1 Company A320
Titan Airways
1 Company ATR-42
1 Company Shorts 360
1 Company Bae-146
1 Company 737-300
1 Company A300
1 Company A320
Tyrolean Airways
1 Company CRJ engine and tailcone
1 View out the window of Dash 8 w/ prop, looking at mountains
1 Company Dash 8-300
3 Company Fokker 70
2 Company 737-200
1 Company 737-700

Airline Quantity Notes
Air Europe
1 White and Blue, "On Line, On Board"
Air Grand Canyon
1 Neon Green, airline name, and Cessna 207
Air Logistics
1 White and blue w/ company helicopter and two phone #'s
Airlines of South Australia
1 White oval, "Good Afternoon" with gold ASA title/logo
1 White oval, "Good Morning" with gold ASA title/logo
4 Return adress label style, return address label for company
Airtran Airways
1 Company 717 tail w/ company title and ""
Alaska Airlines
1 Alaska Airlines Wings w/ "Alaska's World
Alaska Airlines + Horizon Air
18 Luggage Label, white w/ airline title
America West Airlines
2 Luggage Label, white w/ airline title
2 Company 767
BWIA International Airways
1 Luggage Label, white w/ airline title
Caribbean Helicopters
1 Company logo and contact information, white and blue, circular
Continental Airlines
4 Luggage Label, white w/ airline title
Cyprus Airways
3 Round, white and blue w/ company logo and title
1 Company aircraft art w/ logo and title
1 Blue, circle of stars w/ company logo and title
Delta Airlines
1 "Please do Not Disturb"
Edelweiss Air
1 Red and White, company logo and title
Eva Air
1 Luggage Label, green, orange, and white w/ airline title
Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Group
3 Company helicopter, "See it from Our Perspective", circular
2 White w/ company logo and title
LTU International Airways
5 Luggage Label, red w/ company title
1 Luggage Label, yellow w/ company title
Maersk Airlines
1 Blue w/ company 737 and movable clock
Maersk Helicopters
11 Light Blue w/ company Super Puma art
Mesa Airlines
1 Company CRJ200, CRJ700, and CRJ900
3 Small square w/ company logo and "Fly Mesa Airlines"
1 Large square w/ company logo and "Fly Mesa Airlines"
Midwest Helicopter Airways
1 Silver w/ company helicopter, "We put big loads in tight places"
QANTAS Airways
3 White, "I Love (heart) QANTAS (logo)
13 Luggage Label, white w/ company lofo and title
2 Checked Baggage Warning, "Fragile" w/ company title and logo
Quicksilver Helicopters
2 Silver w/ helicopter sillhouette, company titles and contact info, circular
Scandinavian Airlines SAS
3 Airbus A340 engine, small
3 Airbus A340 belly, small
3 Airbus A340 in flight, small
1 Airbus A340 in flight, medium
Swiss Air Lines
1 Red w/ company logo and titles
Tyrolean Airways
1 White w/ corperate image and company title

Airline Item Quantity Notes

Ad-Astral Aviation
Clearance Card 1 White w/ Departure Clearance, Arrival Clearance, Departure ATIS, Arrival ATIS, Dec. Alt. And Spd boxes
Air Atlanta Icelandic
Pin 1 Lapel Pin Style, Gold w/ blue company logo
Magnet 3 Company 717 tail, white and cream, company title, "Your Airline has Arrived"
Pin 1 Jr. Wing Pin, gold w/ company logo and title
Alaska Airlines
Napkin 3 White w/ "70 years of Alaska Spirit" and company aircraft tail in blue and green
Jr. Pin Wings 1 Gold and blue w/ "I fly Alaska Airlines", sticker back
Trading Card 1 Boeing 737-900 w/ specs
Trading Card 1 Boeing 737-400, "" w/ specs
America West Airlines
Jr. Pin Wings 1 Gold and Green w/ sticker back
Cup 1 Clear plastic cold drink cup w/ company logo and title pressed into it
Napkin 2 White w/ company logo and title in red and green
Hard luggage tag 1 White w/ company logo and title, strap attached
American Airlines + American Eagle
Ruler 9 Black w/ company titles and 'Race for the Cure' ribbon
Austrian Airlines
Pin 1 Lapel Pin Style, Black and white, Company logo and Star Alliance logo
Continental Airlines
Pin 21 Gold w/ company logo and "I can make a difference"
Pin 3 Blue w/ globe logo
Delta Airlines
Mouthwash 2 Clear w/ red fluid
Playing Cards 1 White w/ wavy gravy image and company title and logo
Jr. Pin Wings 2 Gold, red, and blue w/ pin back
Eastern Airlines
Jr. Pin Wings 27 Gold w/ company logo
Era Aviation
Jr. Pin Wings 1 Silver and red 1/ pin back
Helikopter Service
Pencil 1 Red w/ company logo and title
Pen 1 White and red w/ company logo and title
LTU International Airways
Pin 1 Lapel Pin Style, Santa Cluse w/ LTU bag and model airplane, red, white, and blue
Maersk Air
Balloon 4 White w/ company 737-300 art and title
Balloon 3 Blue w. company F50 art and title
QANTAS Airways
Pen 2 White and red w/ company title
Pen 2 White and gray
Southwest Airlines
Tribond Cards 1 Sample Card Packs for the TriBond Boardgame, Southwest image on the back of each card
Jr. Pin Wings 5 Gold w/ heart and company title in orange, sticker back
Checked Luggage Tag 1 Yellow and Brown, SNA, Claim #95-62-83-98
Checked Luggage Tag 1 Purple, white, and brown, PHX, Claim #78-51-12-99
Checked Luggage Tag 2 Cream, red, and brown, LAX, Claim #65-57-34-32 and #65-57-34-29
Checked Luggage Tag 2 Blue, SEA, Claim #97-88-59-95 and #97-88-57-13
Peanuts 3 Yellow w/ company aircraft, "Byte-Sized Fares;"
United Airlines
Jr. Pin Wings 2 Gold and black w/ sticker back, Made in China
Napkin 1 white w/ company logo and title in blue
Recipe Booklet 1 Cookbook compiled by United Airlines chefs
Jr. Pin Wings 1 Gold and black w/ sticker back, Made in Korea
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Hard Luggage Tag 1 Red and white w/ company logo molded in, tringular w/ built in strap

Airline Quantity Date Notes

Air Lithuania
1 Winter 2001 - 2002 Wallet size
1 Jun. 5, 2002 -
Kenmore Air
2 Sep. 2002 - Apr. 2003 -
1 Summer 2000 -
Rio Grand Air
1 May 27, 2002 -
1 Winter (generic) Taos
Southwest Airlines
1 Jun. 9, 2002 -
Sun Country Airlines
1 Sep. 6 - Oct. 28, 2000 -

Airline Quantity Notes

Harbour Air Seaplanes
2 Flight Package Information Brochure w/ copmany DHC-2 and cruis ship
Kenmore Air Seaplanes
1 "To San Juans by Seaplane", black fading to light blue w/ company DHC-2 turbine and a San Juan harbor
5 "To San Juans by Seaplane", Dark Blue fading to light blue w/ company DHC-2 turbine and a San Juan harbor
1 "To Victoria by Seaplane", Dark blue fading to light blue w/ company DHC-2 turbine and Victoria Harbour

Large Flat Items
Airline Item Quantity Notes

Air Foyle
Information Sheet 1 Past charter use example: St. Louis - East Midlands 56 Tonne Chemical Reactor
Alaska Airlines
Advertisement 1 "It's a Win-Win-Win" as appeared in the Seattle Times 8-25-02
America West Airlines
Vacation Booklet 1 America West Vacations; Las Vegas
The Boeing Company
Annual Report 1 2000
British Airways
Vacation Booklet 1 April 1, 2000 - March 31, 2001, British Airways Holidays, Create your own Vacation; Britain and Ireland
Cirrus Design
Information Sheet 1 SR20
Hawaiin Airlines
Advertisement 2 "Seattle to Honolulu. Seattle to Maui. Daily. Non-Stop" as seen in The Seattle Times 8-11-02
Advertisement 1 "Win a Week in Waikiki" w/ entry form w/ Marriot Hotels, as appeared in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 8-25-02
Mearsk Air
Vomit Bag 1 Blue w/ company logo wings
Monarch Airlines
"With Compliments" Card 1 White
Olympic Airways
"With Compliments" Card 1 White and gold
Information Booklet 1 The First 40 Years of Olympic Airways, three-faced
Scandinavian Airlines SAS
Information Sheet 1 "Airbus A340" cockpit photo w/ numbered legend
Southwest Airlines
Advertisement 3 Southwest Vacations, specials on Reno and Las Vegas, as appeared in The Seattle Times 8-14-02
Tyrolean Airways
Information Card 2 Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400
United Airlines
Menu 2 First Class, fruit art, MID-CON (SO5/SO7) 103S841-1 10/96

Sorry for its jumbledness... It was copied from a spreadsheet. If you need more information please contact me. Email offers to:

I collect most everything, so just run your tradelist by me. Thanks!


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