Wanted To Buy....

Wed Nov 13, 2002 10:49 am

I am currently wanting to buy both airline issued and publisher postcards which feature Soviet/Russian/CIS built aircraft, so this will include airlines such as LOT, Malev, etc.

I currently have some 2,000 - 2,500 cards in the collection already, so I would have to know details of any cards which you can offer me. In the case of publisher cards the card number will do. In terms of airline issued cards, any identifying marks (or a scan if preferable).

I am not looking at spending a fortune on these cards, so if you have grandiose plans of getting me to part with US$1 for a publisher card then forget it, as I can order direct from the publishers concerned for less than US$0.30 per card.

In addition to buying, I will also consider trading like for like (i.e. publisher card for publisher card).

So guys and gals, if you have any unwanted Soviet stuff (in mint condition) lying around which you want to get rid off, then email me on with details of what you can offer.

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