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Quick FS2002 Overlays.

Sun Nov 17, 2002 7:01 pm

When I use overlays on FS2002 AFCAD (to make sure the planes to the the gates they should be at) I usually use TTools to manually plug in the new airport code (i.e. 1LGA insread of KLGA). This takes FOREVER!!! Is there a program that will do this for me?

Also, my FlightPlans.bgl is so large. It takes forver to work with. I want to delete all the "fake Airline" non GA flight plans to slim it down, but they are all mixed in and take forever to to. I there a programe for this?

Also, the PAI 747s and A340s don't work. They refule to stay put. They fly il loops and do crazy stuff. Sometimes they just float still nose down over the gate. Why?

Also, I have at lease 3 PAI Swiss A330s at JFK at all times. Why? It seems like too many.

Thanks for any help...  Smile

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RE: Quick FS2002 Overlays.

Sun Nov 17, 2002 7:57 pm

Use AI Traffic Manager (or: AITM) by Thomas Molitor to move the airlines from one airport to another (KLGA to 1LGA) as well as delete the unwanted flightplans. You can get it from .

As for the Swiss A330's, use AITM to check if you've got duplicate flightplans, ie. the same flightplans have been added more than once.
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RE: Quick FS2002 Overlays.

Mon Nov 18, 2002 2:16 am

Or open it up in Word and use the "replace by" feature. Replace KLGA with 1LGA.

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