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Saab340 For Fs2002

Wed Nov 20, 2002 7:11 am


I am looking for a panel and sound for a saab 340 for fs2002. I can't seem to find a perfect panel and sound for it. I've got one pannel but is nog good. HArdly any buttons work. Would like to have a full working panel.
Anyone any idea were to download one?

Thanx for your help

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RE: Saab340 For Fs2002

Wed Nov 20, 2002 10:20 am

Hey Gr325. There aren't really any good panels out for the 340 yet except the one that is already included with the plane. There is a Russian guy (Sprunov?) working on a payware panel right now, however, he released a freeware trial version (which might be the one you are talking about). The file name is:


I got it from or

You have to fiddle around with the *.cfg to get the nav radio working and delete the throttle gauges for it to work well. For now, this is the best Saab 340 panel available IMO. I hope the 767PIC team are working on a Saab!


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