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HELP: Active Camera Pro 1.3 - How Does It Work?

Wed Feb 05, 2003 8:00 pm


I downloaded this ActiveCameraPro program yesterday and although I can get a 'flyby' mode somehow I can not get any Internal/External pilot view (walking around the aircraft using keypad etc.). I have seen some great screenshots, as if you are standing next to the aircraft as in real life...great!

So my question is; is there anyone any who has any experience with this program, how it works etc.?? The 'help' document I read but did not help:-|  Big thumbs up

Thankz for your help!!

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RE: HELP: Active Camera Pro 1.3 - How Does It Work?

Thu Feb 06, 2003 3:04 pm

you have to go to virtual cockpit mode, and if memory serves me right, you have to click both internal and external pilot view.
you should start with a view of the cockpit, then use the number 2 key and "pull" your view all the way back, it will take you through the cockpit, cabin etc until you're looking at the tail of the plane.

then use the other numbers to "walk around" the airplane.

I know that's a vague description, but I hope it helps
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