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Model Airplanes

Sat Jun 14, 2003 8:50 am

I was looking into building my first model airplane. I was wondering, who makes the best models? Also, what are some prices of airbrushes for models. Which are the best airbrushes to purchase?

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RE: Model Airplanes

Sun Jun 15, 2003 10:26 am

Revell Germany and Hasegawa make the best models. minicraft makes some good ones, and Airfix makes.... fixer-uppers.

Minicraft's best is the MD-80, however, the 737s are also good. Rumor has it that Minicraft is/has updated their 777 and 707 kits. I believe the updated kits will carry some sort of badgeing on the box, so it'll be obvious. I'd almost be inclined to suggest minciraft for a first model, as they are generaly simpler than the revells (and much easier to get a hold of a a reasonable price than the hasegawas). Both the 737 and MD-80 are easily avialable in diffrent schemes and have no real noteable fit problems. All of the revells are good kits, though the 747s have some minor problems. I just built one of their Fokker 100s, with the goal to finnish it quick insead of letting it gather dust for years. It went toegther great, and except for the pain in the hindquarters of a copckpit would make an excellent first model.
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RE: Model Airplanes

Sun Jun 15, 2003 11:52 am

It fluctuates per the model of aircraft and the company who's manufacturing it. I've always been happy with Hasegawa, most Revell (despite their 747-400s, which do have some minor fitting problems), and Minicraft, like Doug or said. The problem I have most is with more complex decals that don't fit. Otherwise, I can usually trim and glue as needed to make it work. Just finished a Minicraft Spruce Goose- piece of cake smothered in icing- only had to paint one color, and fitting was excellent. Also recently completed a Revell Learjet 35- best Revell yet that I've done- real simple, but looks GREAT.

As for airbrushes, I've never been too favorable with enamel, so I usually buy conventional spray paint from Home Depot, if I can find the right color. If not, I'll buy the sprays from hobby stores (which usually work more nicely, but can cut a lot out of your wallet- at least in my budget).

Feel free to email me if you want some more tips or run into problems- be glad to help.

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