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Russian Safetycards For Sale

Fri Jul 04, 2003 9:23 pm


I do have the following safetycards of Russian and East-European airlines for sale.
All prices are in Euros, shipping is extra.

Please let me know which ones you´d like to have.




Aeroflot Soviet Airlines

TU-134 single plastic Russian/Portuguese/English EUR 7.00
TU-154 single plastic Russian/German/Spanish EUR 6.00
TU-154 single plastic Russian/French/English EUR 6.00
IL-86 single plastic Russian/English/German EUR 7.00

Aeroflot Russian International Airlines

A310-300 single plastic LH-style EUR 5.00
TU-154 single cardboard LH-style “ZAO IPP Ruspoligraf” EUR 5.00
IL-62 single plastic LH-style EUR 6.00
IL-86 single plastic LH-style EUR 6.00
BOEING 737-400 single cardboard LH-style spring-hook life-vests EUR 6.00

East Line Airlines

YAK-42 single cardboard white SU-style EUR 7.00

KrasAir Airlines

IL-86 single laminated SU-style blue border EUR 7.00

Samara Airlines

TU-134 single cardboard SU-style red border EUR 8.00
TU-154 single laminated SU-style EUR 8.00

Transaero Airlines

BOEING 757 cardboard folder BA-style grey cover EUR 7.00

Ural Airlines

TU-154M single cardboard A5 SU-style EUR 8.00


Estonian Air

FOKKER 50 single cardboard Merco-style EUR 3.00
B 737-500 single vinyl LH-style 3 pics. for brace EUR 3.00


Air Baltic

SAAB 340 cardboard folder Saab-style sticker on generic safetycard / Up to A/C 125 EUR 8.00
FOKKER 50 single laminated ASG-/Merco-st. 15.10.98. EUR 6.00
RJ70 AVROLINER single laminated ASG-style FORM: AB001 / flotation-cushions “Safety - Drosiba” EUR 6.00
RJ70 AVROLINER single laminated ASG-style live-vests EUR 6.00

Lat Charter Airlines

TU-134B single laminated EUR 8.00

Latvijas Aviolinijas

AN-24 single cardboard EUR 5.00
TU-134 single cardboard EUR 5.00

Latpass Airlines

TU-134B cardboard folder EUR 6.00
TU-154 cardboard folder EUR 6.00


Air Lithuania / Aviakompanija Lietuva

ATR single laminated ATR-style EUR 3.00

Lithuanian Airlines / Lietuvos Avialinijos

YAK-42 single cardboard white “For Your Safety” EUR 6.00
B 737 single cardboard white “For your Safety EUR 6.00


ARP 410 Airlines - Kyiv Aircraft Repair Plant 410

AN-24 single laminated SU-style new style EUR 6.00

Ukraine International Airlines

Boeing 737 - 200, 300, 500 single laminated logo on right side / lightblue EUR 6.00
Boeing 737 - 200, 300, 500 single laminated logo on left side / darkblue EUR 6.00
Boeing 737-200,300,500 single laminated black sticker “737-200,300,500” EUR 6.00

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