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Anyone Know This Guy? (Cheat/Thief)

Sun Aug 10, 2003 12:14 am

As the heading say does anyone using this forum know this guy,his name and address is :-
John Santos
740 W University Dr Apt #108
Tempe Arizona 85281
480-221-6162 .
And his e-mail addresses are :- &
Well hopefully someone will know from all this
Now the reason I ask ... going back to the begining of April this year he posted a message on one of the forum's (Can't remember the exact one at present) offering Mesa Airlines safety cards Beech 1900 & CRJ's,to which I replied and duly sent payment,about a week later they arrived as expected in good condition. About a week or so later he e-mailed me again saying that he was now in possesion of some Mesa CRJ-700 cards and in the next few days was going to get some of the brand new CRJ-900 cards as this does not start flying untill the 29th of the month (April),and would I be interested in any as he could offer me 3 of each ? I replied that I would be interested and again duly sent off the you know whats coming next !!
A week or so later he acknoledged receipt of payment and said they would be mailed as soon as he returns home from a funeral he was at in Boston As time passed I e-mailed to ask where the cards were, the next reply was they had been returned to sender (Surprise, Surprise) the last mail he sent to me on the 4 June was that they would be sent either 7/8 June and that was the last I have heard from him, from the way he spoke I get the impression he worked for Mesa Airlines or an associate.
All I want is a fiar deal either the cards or my money back ,so if anyone has had dealing with this guy give him a stern word about the affects cheating can have on him before I start posting more messages on other forums.


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