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FS2002...how To Plan A Flight

Wed Sep 17, 2003 7:24 am


For a while, I've just been flying casually with various aircraft from city to city (using autopilot in-between)...and I do manual landings...can somebody please explain to me how to use the proper landing functions so that I LINE UP with the runway properly, etc etc? and please tell me how to enjoy a very realistic flight. Thanks, I'd appreciate it greatly.

-Regards, A330Fan1
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RE: FS2002...how To Plan A Flight

Fri Sep 26, 2003 7:01 pm

If you can effort it , buy a payware plane, to enjoy the fun of FMC or MCDU.
Flightplanning and loadbalance.
To line up correctly with the runway ofcourse the ILS system. for more challenging approaches you should try NDB/DME or circling landings
standard panels of MSFS does not support correct autolandings.
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RE: FS2002...how To Plan A Flight

Sat Sep 27, 2003 5:18 am

While in the sim go to alt/flights/flight planner

enable the "IFR" or instrument button

Pick your departure airport for example (assuming you are in the US):
KMHT (Manchester NH)

Pick your destination airport, for example
KBWI (Baltimore Washington International)

Select your cruise altitude
at the bottom left you can tell the sim where you want the aircraft to
start from (I usually pick a gate), click "save" and then "OK" and the flightplan
should load.

Once in the airplane, switch the NAV/GPS button to NAV

Contact Clearance, load whatever info re your altitude, speed, etc into the Auto pilot

Taxi to the runway, get your takeoff clearance, and once airborne and given
instructions from departure to turn to your course, enable the autopilot and
the "NAV" button on the autopilot. From there, the aircraft will fly to BWI
and ATC will guide you to the final approach.

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