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Looking For A 737 Model

Wed Nov 26, 2003 9:20 am

i'm looking for a plastic 737-200/300/500 model that i can put together. i originally wanted to get one of those demo aircraft on a wand but can't find it anywhere so i have decided to make one. i'd like for it to be between 8 and 12 inches long. can anyone point me in the right direction?
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RE: Looking For A 737 Model

Wed Nov 26, 2003 10:21 am

-200 would be airfix

-300 or -400 (500 will be the result of surgery) would be Minicraft, much better kit IMHO

both are 1:144, so it will be around 9" wingsapn and 9"-11" long I think
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RE: Looking For A 737 Model

Thu Nov 27, 2003 1:51 am

Nothing easier than this: Get the new Revell 737-800 kit, it is the best 737 kit currently available IMO. Great decals, great fit, great price!

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RE: Looking For A 737 Model

Sun Dec 07, 2003 3:05 am

This Revell kit comes with the Sobelair decals as well, yes the one with the winglets. Revell has another 737-800 kit but without winglets, that one comes with KLM markings. Both are at 1/144 scale.
Yes, Airfix has a 737-200 at 1/144, the old release comes with Lufthansa decals but the newer release comes with BA and Air France decals. You can convert it to a 737-100 just by removing two windows in front of the wing and two wondows behind the wing. I made a People Express 737-100 by doing this, yes that one is the resulf of surgery as well (I'm not a surgeon but I can do it  Smile).
Minicraft has a 737-300 and 400 also a 1/144, the 300 kit comes with Continental decals and the 400 kit comes with US Airways decals. Masterkit also had a 737-300 at 1/144, it used to come with United decals, I made that one ten years ago, I still have it.
Hasegawa has a 737-400 at 1/200, it comes with the Virgin Express decals. I have it also. The Hasegawa kit has a bottom and a top fuselage half instead of a left and right half like on most kits.

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RE: Looking For A 737 Model

Sun Dec 07, 2003 3:09 pm

i always wanted a 737-100 model, and i have a few -200s.... Shall i go fetch the tablesaw and get to work???

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