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Playing M/P FS2k2 When Connected From A LAN?

Wed Dec 17, 2003 4:58 am

Hi there,

I am experiencing difficulty when trying to participate in playing FS2k2 via 'MSN Gaming Zone'.

When I connect to a multiplayer game and the person starts to launch the game it comes up with the usual screens etc, then FS loads up the splash screen then there is just a delay of about 3-4 mins.. Then it just makes a 'ding' which is one of the Windows error messages.

I check back at the zone and it says 'failed to connect blah blah blah'. I am adimate that this is to do with my LAN that I am connected to. All cookies are accepted for this occasion, I am doing everything as i should.. It just ain't happenin'  Sad

Does anyone experience the same problems as me or knows what needs to be done in order to get this working?!

If you need to know anything else that I may not have been clear about then please do not hesitate to ask me Big grin

It is really frustrating as Multi looks great from what I have seen.. Which isn't a lot  Sad

My LAN/PC Specs are as follows:

Linksys 54G Wireless Router
Bog standard 576Kbps ADSL line


O/S Windows XP Home Edition
Sony RX403N
2.4 P4

Not sure that any of this will make a difference but, hmm hey, worth a shot.

Any information will be rewarded with big smiles all round  Big grin

Best Regards,

Justin  Big thumbs up

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