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A Few Questions About The 73G For Use With FS2002

Wed Dec 17, 2003 11:07 pm

I have a few questions regarding the 73G for use with FS2002:

1) What is the best rate-of-climb (in feet-per-minute) for the 73G?;

2) What is the best take-off pitch for the 73G? 10 degrees nose-up or more? I ask this because the initial climb of the 737 (all series) in real seems somewhat steeper than that of other aircraft; and

3) What flap setting does the 73G use on take-off to increase lift?

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RE: A Few Questions About The 73G For Use With FS2002

Thu Dec 18, 2003 4:01 am

hey Pe@rson,

it's a flight sim, so don't need to take these settings to heart...but this is what I use on the FFX 737-800

Flaps to 5 for take off, reduced thrust to about 90% N1, and rotate somewhere around 155 KIAS to approximately 10degrees.

Positive rate of climb, no runway remaining, gear up.
At 1000' AGL, I begin to retract flaps in increments and engage autopilot.

Initial rate of climb, 3000 fpm (depending on fuel,of course) with an airspeed of 250 KIAS to 10,000'.
From 10,000' to FL180, 280 KIAS, and I try to squeeze out 3000 fpm still.

Once I begin to lose airspeed, I drop down to about 2500 fpm.
FL180 to FL240 @ M.68
FL240 to FL280 @ M.77
FL280 to FL300 and up @ M.80

With these settings and considering fuel load, I can maintain 2500fpm up to around FL260. Then I can maintain about 1500-1800 fpm to cruise at say, FL350.

I get about M.83 or M.84 for cruise at FL350

this is just me, I assume everyone uses something different, so you can experiment.
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