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Project AI Possible Problem & Fix

Mon Dec 22, 2003 9:22 am

Hi guys,

Like most of you I download and install all the PAI packages almost the day they become available. Recently I noticed that some of the aircraft in the packages I was installing were not showing, and other aicraft seemed to be disappearing completely.

I had a bit of a play around and found that the PAI installer had upgraded the aircraft.cfg to refer to a version 5 of the air file but had not installed a version 5 airfile (eg. if you have the line "sim=pai738v5" in the "aircraft.cfg" file then you should have a "pai738v5.air" file in that aircraft's directory for the aircraft to work).

The aircraft that I had problems with were:

- B733
- B733_w
- B737
- B737_w
- B738

One way tell if it is not working is by trying to sellect the aircraft from the sellect screen. If it does not show here then chances are the *.air file is not the same as the reference in the aircraft.cfg file.

The way I fixed this was by copying the previous version of the file (eg. "pai738v4") and renaming it to match the reference in the "sim=" line of the aircraft.cfg.

I hope this explains and helps some of you guys who are experiencing missing aircraft in PAI packages.

Rgds and best wishes for the season,

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