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AFCAD2 - Great For Designing/redesigning Airport

Wed Dec 24, 2003 12:25 am

Ok, I just re designed my local airport using$files/1misc/

What a great tool. I was able to make my home airport (Traverse City Cherry Capital Airport KTVC) look very very exciting. I added the apron where our new terminal will be located as well as many other touch ups. I made a parallel runway and extended both runways that we currently have. Its a tad bit exagerated, but, hey, with the AI Traffic, I can just sit there watch and imagine myself being there, at a much bigger airport.

I have one small problem. I have trees on the tarmac, and houses really close to the airport. How can I go about getting rid of these the trees and the houses. I am sure there is a tool out there. If anyone wants this I can email it to them. Would appreciate anymore help touching it up, and possibly getting rid of the damn trees and houses in certain areas. Thanks.

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