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Scanner Antenna

Mon Feb 09, 2004 1:33 am

I recently got a Uniden UBC120XLT Radio Scanner.At the moment I can only hear aircraft at a maximum distance of 120 Nm to 130 Nm.So can any one suggest me an External antenna which may increase the receptive capability of my set and extend its range.If they can be ordered online then please mension the URL of website containing the list of antennas.

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RE: Scanner Antenna

Mon Feb 09, 2004 5:37 pm

Recommend searching eBay for used aircraft VHF COMM antennas. They are designed to be resonant at 126 MHz, so they offer high gain performance for the 118-136 MHz frequency range unlike wideband "compromise" external antennas. Mount it as high as possible and use a good quality co-axial cable.

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RE: Scanner Antenna

Mon Feb 09, 2004 8:49 pm

If you have a little scrap metal and a piece of coaxial cable (50 ohm) you can do it yourself, it will work as well as any commercially available antenna.
On you can find a suitable example, just change the lengths of the two pieces to 57cm (22.5"), and hang it vertically.
Max distance at which one can hear an A/C flying at 30,000ft is 210-230NM.
(= radio horizon for this particular height)
Aircraft COMM antennas do not work out of context without addition of a "ground plane" (normally the aircraft itself) and are all of the "NO GAIN" type.

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