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Choosing FS Flights.

Mon Mar 01, 2004 3:03 pm

I forget who from this forum mentioned about using a random number to choose which FS flight to go with when flying, but I've started doing something similar.
I choose destination from a Random #, and then fly from previous destination to the new one using flight schedules I can find. I'm currently making a Perth to Ulsan, South Korea trip via Kuala Lumpor.
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RE: Choosing FS Flights.

Mon Mar 01, 2004 4:07 pm

Hey Spark, that was me  Big thumbs up

I too am developing a spreadsheet to generate similar to what you're doing.

The first spreadsheet I put together had a list of 60,000+ flights on it by aircraft type, airline, IFR/VFR, etc.. When a generated random number matched the corresponding list-number of the flight in the list, it posted the details to an output screen.

The second spreadsheet I am looking at basically gives me a random origin and a random destination. It is then up to me to find my way between those two points. If I can, I want to incorporate all the flight plans that I have so that I can plan the trip from start to end.

Let us know how you go..


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