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Are There Any ATC Games

Wed Mar 17, 2004 1:09 pm

Are there any good games if any that you are the Air Traffic Controller? Similar to what you do in airline5 except not making an airline but controlling air traffic.
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RE: Are There Any ATC Games

Wed Mar 17, 2004 2:20 pm

I've played a couple in my time...

The one that was the best was called Tower. It was only three airports though (a fake one, National and O'Hare).

There was also one even from even earlier (we're talking DOS now) called Tracon. It was also good, actually better than Tower in my opinion.

If you have a Commodore 64 emulator, there is a game from 1983 called Kennedy Approach.

I don't know of anything newer though. Tower is probably downloadable around the place if you search for it...


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RE: Are There Any ATC Games

Wed Mar 17, 2004 11:28 pm

You will kick yourself for not thinking of this website.
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RE: Are There Any ATC Games

Thu Mar 18, 2004 3:32 am

Also try this:
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