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1:100 Il-96-300 Model Available

Thu Mar 18, 2004 3:43 am

Here is a 1:100 scale model of an Il-96-300 of GTK Rossiya -- this is the Russian Presidential Aircraft.

We need firm expressions of interest for these models -- I am getting them made up to order by a company in Russia which supplies airlines such as GTK Rossiya, Pulkovo, MChS Rossii, Samara Airlines, Gazpromavia, Gromov Air, etc with their display models.

To go ahead with the order I need at least 10 firm orders to make it viable.

The cost of the model is going to be in the US$200 range -- if we get more orders, we might be able to get them a little bit cheaper, and of course that would be passed on -- but $200 is what we are working on. This is quite a good price, considering models in the US and Europe of this scale cost at the very least $250 up to $600 -- and they don't do these Russian aircraft.

The models would be shipped directly from the factory where they are made -- from the time of firm order and payment to model being finished is approximately 3-4 weeks -- the company told me that they work on 2 week turnaround, but with an order such as this it is best to allow for the number needed to be done. The cost of shipping (and insurance) is totally up to the person buying it. The company tells me that getting them delivered to Moscow is not a problem -- from where I am able to arrange for delivery -- or they may be able to arrange for delivery directly from the factory -- I am checking this out as the costs from regional Russia may be more than from Moscow.

I don't want any money now -- what I do want is details of who wants to order one? If you can contact me thru my profile -- and let me know. Once I have exact numbers, I can then approach the company and try to get a discount on the price. Also, it MIGHT be possible to get this model instead of in GTK Rossiya livery, in the new Aeroflot livery -- which in case you haven't seen yet is here --> -- so let me know if you are happy to go with the GTK Rossiya livery or want the Aeroflot livery. Depending on what the company says in regards to discounts, etc, it may be that we will only get the GTK Rossiya livery -- but it is worth my discussing with them.

Anyway, let me know peoples. And if you have any questions, ask away.

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RE: 1:100 Il-96-300 Model Available

Thu Mar 18, 2004 5:54 pm

The tail looks more like an A330-200's that the IL96's.
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RE: 1:100 Il-96-300 Model Available

Sun Mar 21, 2004 1:11 pm

I would be very interested in this model, but only in the new Aeroflot colors - and with particular attention to the sprayed silver color they are now using on the fuselage.

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RE: 1:100 Il-96-300 Model Available

Tue Mar 23, 2004 9:25 pm

The tail doesn`t look like one of an A330. It`s the typical Il-96-300 tail. The model is correct and very detailed. Very professional made. You can compare it with a Pacmin.
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RE: 1:100 Il-96-300 Model Available

Thu Mar 25, 2004 7:23 pm

Maybe compression altered the image above, as the real IL963 tail is more steeply angled even from the back, this one appears more straight.

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