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FS Traffic 2004 How Is It?

Tue Mar 23, 2004 12:03 pm

I am tired of orbit and the few MD-80 repaints I have. I don't not care anymore that I might be the only Landmark Airline Plane out there in the sky anymore. How is FS Traffic 2004. It is for FS04 right? Can you edit the flights like they say. Like make the BA flights from Concords to 747 or the DL MD-11 flights to 777. Is there to many planes. How Realistic is it.
Lets just say if I was taxing in MIA would I see a lot of AA and some Latin and European Flights. How realistic is the schedule. And does it get rid of all the AI flights from FS04 even GA flights? It is okay if it does I want to be able to fly across the Atlantic with other planes. Also how does FS ATC deal with it. And do I have to put in the European Voice package?

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RE: FS Traffic 2004 How Is It?

Wed Mar 24, 2004 1:28 am

I bought the FS Traffic 2004 few days ago. Well during the past days I checked it and I have to say that I really love it. I tried it out on several airports worldwide, like FRA, AMS, ICN, AA), Japan">NRT, MIA, EZE. So on every airport you can see the most common airliners like LH in FRA or AA in MIA. On some airports traffic is very very high on other airports traffic is quite low.

So after first experience I would say it is worth to buy it and I guess you will begin to love it as soon.

Hope this helps a little bit!



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