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Airline 5.65

Mon May 10, 2004 2:13 am

I have playing AIRLINE for since 4.0, but I have still have some things I haven't figured out.

When I use multiple Service Levels I can't most of the times change Service Level for different routes, when I click on the segment I'd like to change nothing happends most of the time, some time I get the screen where I can change service level and prices for the segment, but mostly not! It's happened both when the game I freshly started or a couple of years into the game, kind of sucks being stuck with only one Service Level for all of your flights!

Then I wonder if there any 3rd party programs that can assist with scheduling, it getting a little out of hand when you have to keep routes, departure, arrival time for 50+ aircrafts in you head.

But anyhow, I love the game!
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RE: Airline 5.65

Mon May 10, 2004 6:37 pm

First, a little correction ... it must be version 5.0.65 you are talking of. They haven't even released 5.1 yet.  Smile *SCNR*

I have the same problem you described. I asked in the Airlinesimulation forum if this is a bug. My experience is that this fault mostly happens with the automatically generated return flights. If I schedule the return flight myself, I don't have this problem. Maybe this helps.


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