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Safety Cards For Sickbags Only

Mon Jun 28, 2004 1:32 am

I have these safety cards that I am willing to swap (for sickbags only);
Astraeus 737-700 X1
(version 1 good condition apart from bottom on one side is slightly discoloured and bent.
British Airways 747-400 X4
(Issue 9 all in perfect condition)

British Airways - GB Airways A320 X1
(Issue 9 excellent condition. It is GB Airways operated)

easyJet 737-300 X5
(3 in excellent condition, 2 are in good condition. These are the fold-in safety cards, not the flat faced ones)

easyJet 737-300 X3
(1 in good condition, 1 in reasonable and 1 in reasonable/poor. These are the flat faced safety cards)

Britannia 757-200 X3
(excellent condition. flat faced)

My Travel A320 X1
(poor condition due to fold in the middle).

If you want any of these e-mail me at:
e-mail me with what safety cards you would like and what sickbags you can swap.

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