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Help! Strange Export Error - For FS9

Thu Jul 15, 2004 11:25 am

Hello All!

Let me first say that i am not a modeling export nor do i have any skills in this! I am helping a friend out. If you have any skill in this plz respond! I have permission from the owner to copy and paste his text here. Thanks your help is greatly appreciated!!!

Hi all, I'm in the process of converting the A340 to be compatible with FS2004

While using the new makemdl I get an error on export. I have attached the end of the error log. Any ideas?

Model units are 1024.00 units/meter
Sorting by Material...
Optimize Parts...
Generate BGL...
WARNING: radius is too big for crash data
Generate crash tree 1 (12168 bytes)
Assembling: C:fs2004AircraftOpensky_A343V2model343fs9test1.azm
C:fs2004AircraftOpensky_A343V2model343fs9test1_0.asm(39834) : error A2054: forced error : value not equal to 0 : 65536
ERRS16(1): Macro Called From
IFMSK(7): Macro Called From
C:fs2004AircraftOpensky_A343V2model343fs9test1_0.asm(39834): Include File
End of 1st post, begin 2nd post

I thought I would provide more info in hopes that someone can help me.

first of all, I haven't used any xml code yet. I was just testing out the new makemdl to see if my models compile.

For some reason the A340 won't compile.... but the 744 source file I have does compile just fine.

Secondly, I do have a bunch of colinear vertices but I just check the 2 boxes in makemdl and that should solve the problem.

This is a strange error that really doesn't tell me anything about what is wrong.

could it be too many polys? The A340 has almost 40000 polys
The old make mdl compiles the model just fine so it has to be something wrong with this new makemdl.
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