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FS9 Panel Problems - Please Help!

Tue Sep 21, 2004 5:46 am

I recently installed AFG's wonderful PC-12 and got everything working well - panels and all. Then, quite out of the blue, I started up FS one time and selected the PC-12 to fly - only to find that when it loaded, it had the Cessna 172's panel and sounds in the 2D cockpit. All of the outside views, however, confirmed that it was indeed the PC-12 I had selected. Oh and I should point out that after leaving FS open for a time while I went off to do something else, I returned to find that changing to the PC-12 provided the correct panel and sounds again. What's going on?! How can I fix this mess?! I've double-checked the panel-related .cfg files and tried numerous times after restarting FS, but to no avail...please help!

I also noted that when I changed to another add-on of mine (the Project Twotter DHC-6), the correct cockpit was there (and I think the sounds were right as well) but it was almost compressed downwards, distorting it and leaving an open area above it in the top 1/4 of the screen. Huh?! Then, I changed to a default plane (the 734), and everything seemed to be alright...

Thanks in advance for all tips and suggestions!

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