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Lomac ECM Question...

Fri May 20, 2005 10:48 am

Are the ECM systems on the A-10 and the F-15 effective at all in the game? I use them every time I fly into battle but it doesn't seem to help at all from what I can tell. Ground targets can still lock on to me as soon as Im in range, and the same goes for air targets. Is there something I'm missing aside from switching ECM to on?

If I can say anything though, it IS making me a better at using chaff and flare.  Smile

Oh and kind of a part 2: If the ECM's ARE working as they should in the game, how close do they simulate the real system?

I don't remember too much about the ECM on the F-15s, but from what a friend of mine who works at our A-10 ECM backshop says, the A-10 ECM pod should produce multiple targets on the enemy's radar and that the pilots are instructed in real life to just fly straight and level and let the pod do the work... ??? If that IS true, its not working on LOMAC!! Embarrassment

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