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What To In In PHL For 6 Hours?

Sun Oct 23, 2005 6:44 pm

I will be travelling to the US in Nov. I have 6 hours to spare in Phl inbetween flights ? Anything a must to see in Phl that is possible within 6 hours ? other than A330s and 767s
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RE: What To In In PHL For 6 Hours?

Tue Oct 25, 2005 4:05 am

Depending on your 6 hour interval; BA has a couple of 777 flights to/from LHR & LH has a A340 flight to/from FRA. The only non-US A330 is the AF flight to/from CDG.

The only other non-US widebody action at PHL will be either a sports charter and/or cargo planes. The San Diego Chargers went home in a DL 763 ('97 colors) yesterday.

On the narrowbody/domestic side, F9 has a couple to/from DEN flights; it's always interesting to see which animal tail shows up. Every now-and-then one of WN's special liveries will show up. Yesterday, I saw the WN plane w/the Nolan Ryan Express decal (though somewhat faded) on it.

On the regional end, PHL does get its fair share of Air Wisconsin CRJs in the new US livery scheme. The newly painted A320 periodically makes its appearance as well. 2 or 3 XJ Avros makes (from any one of NW's 3 hubs) their appearances as well.

If you like 717s, you'll see mostly FL's along w/one of YX's.

If you're lucky, I think JM still (not positive on that) alternates (depending on the day of the flight) between the A320 and the A321 on its MBJ flight. A few months ago, I did a double-take when I saw a JM A321 coming in for a landing... the only non-US A321 in PHL.

You may want to check the PHL photo database in this website to get a better idea of what we get besides US planes.

If you get tired of spotting at the terminal, you can check out the eateries and browse through the stores at the Terminal B-C Marketplace.

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