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Interesting Snippet From ATC At GIG

Tue Dec 20, 2005 7:15 am

(Taken and translated from Varig Blog)

A few months ago, when VASP was still around, the renovation works at GIG sometimes affected the airline communications, as airlines had to switch frequencies constantly. For a short while, VP communications could be heard on the RG frequency at around 6:00 PM, every day. This was heard by a RG employee on that frequency:

VP4260: Ops, 4260 is about 10 minutes from landing...
VP Ops: You sure this is 4260? I can't believe this... what miracle does GRU Ops perform to get this flight in time every day?
VP4260: Well, you have to know, this is Sierra Mike Alpha (VP's oldest 732)... the "old man" takes good care of business!
VP Ops: Oh, right... so how's the aircraft behaving, captain?
VP4260: Like always... APU nonfunctional, that slight burning smell we've already got used to... but the news today is we have no functional avionics, 58 souls.
VP Ops: Gee, what are you going to do then?
VP4260: Well, I've talked to the tower, I'm on visual, about 4 minutes from ground now... is it just me or is it raining?
VP Ops: Visual? Ok, we trust you sir! No rain, though.
VP4260: Oh, okay then... I'll land it nicely!

10 minutes later, PP-SMA pulled up at the gate, with no problems apparent to those on the outside...

That's a good example of how VP Ops had been for the year before its demise...
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