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For Sale:  Airbus A300 Salvaged Cockpit Section

Wed Dec 28, 2005 2:43 pm

I found this on another website, looked kind of interesting....


For Sale:  Airbus A300 Salvaged Cockpit Section

Aircraft was used for airline service from 1982-2000 and was parted and scrapped.  These cockpits are commonly used by aviation enthusiasts, home cockpit builders, or as a novelty for retired pilots.  Many are converted for use as computer aircraft simulators.

Cockpit includes acrylic replacement windows, captain and first office empty instrument panels, working flight yokes and rudder pedals, center pedestal with complete working throttle quadrant, overhead circuit breaker panel and more.  It does not include any seats, gauges, avionics and other flight instruments.

Cockpit was cut behind captain and first officer seats to meet size restrictions for shipping.  Radome was cut along bottom to allow for attachment to cockpit when resting on the ground and can be removed easily.  Body is all high quality aluminum and is in great shape.

Width of cross section at cut:  12' 3.5"
Height at cross section at cut:  8' 4.5"
Length from cut to nose (with radome removed):  8'
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RE: For Sale:  Airbus A300 Salvaged Cockpit Section

Thu Dec 29, 2005 8:57 am

That looks pretty cool and its so odd seeing an Airbus with an actual yoke, but not surprising considering how old A300's are. That would make a really cool home built flight simulator, but probably way out of my price range.
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